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Is this a recruitment agency?!

No. We are a team of freelancers teamed up for the purpose of making it easier finding new roles.

Need a mobile developer in London?

Our freelance mobile developers in London can provide you with onsite full-time mobile development services. See our UK team.

I just needs an app, please.

If you just need an app built for your business contact us directly and we will give you a free quote matching your project. We have very competitive rates.

I have limited budget for my app.

We offer remote team of vetted developers based in Budapest managed by our UK development leads to match your requirements and budget.

If you have an idea for an app or want advice on a project – click here for a free, no-obligation quote or just a friendly chat about how any of our developers can help you.

Sandor Kolotenko (London, UK)

Owner & Contract Mobile Developer 

As Director of the company and an experienced team leader, Sandor works the length and breadth of the business by both leading the remote team of mobile developers in Budapest and being a qualified software developer contractor for hire in London. Sandor has strong knowledge of iOS, more than seven years experience with mobile platforms (iOS, Android) and more than ten years of software development experience altogether. Sandor has been working in finance, enterprise solutions and startups and his experience and knowledge will ensure you’ll get the software solution you need.

George Francis, (London, UK) – Available in August, 2018

iOS Contract Mobile Developer

George is an established, freelance iOS Developer specialising in Objective-C and Swift languages, with a strong track record of category-topping app releases for iPhone, iPad and MacOS. He has experienced throughout the entire development lifecycle, gained in both onsite and remote environments. London based, George began working with London App Works in 2017, having most recently undertaken a series of roles as lead developer across a spectrum of clients from start-up to blue chip organisations. He is efficient and thorough, quick to grasp a new project and consistent in delivering best-in-class results.

Javier Soler, (London, UK) 

React Native and JavaScript Contract Developer

Javier is an experienced, freelance React Native and JavaScript developer with a strong knowledge of web frontend and mobile technologies, such as Node, Redux and React. He has experience working for such brands as PayAsUGym and BBC. Javier has clean code style and attention to details. He also enjoys developing for all mobile platforms using his knowledge of React Native.

Budapest Team

Remote Mobile Developers (Budapest, Hungary)

Two Swift developers and a project manager are immediately available for remote work
iOS, Android, UX

London App Works is proud to have put together a team of highly skilled and professional mobile developers based in Budapest. With a proven track record of successfully delivered iOS and Android projects, the team are ready to take on any new technological challenge thrown at them. With Sandor acting as a Team Lead in London, clients always have a focal point of direct contact onsite. Should it be required we are ready to provide our own development infrastructure which is up and running (JIRA, Confluence, Slack, build servers) so we take the set-up stress off your shoulders. All our developers are English speakers and can’t wait to start on your next big project.

Mobile App Portfolio

Take a look at what Sandor and his team can do for you. We develop apps for retail, media streaming, travel industry, finance, B2B solutions, training, asset tracking and more.

ebooks reader

Sainsbury’s eBooks Reader App for iOS

congestion charge zone

London Congestion Charge App

corekit cross platform framework

CoreKit – cross platform framework

apple watch postcode

UK Postcode App

Bounce Malta Taxi Apps