UK Postcode App

Need to drop off a friend or a client at a precise location, or in a hurry to find out the address of your nearest post office or post box? With Postcodes UK by London App Works, doing postcode searches and finding your way around the city has never been easier.

Developed specifically to simplify the process of sending and receiving parcels, and delivery, Postcodes UK allows you to pinpoint locations and find the precise postcode in mere seconds. Perfect for busy professionals, cab or delivery drivers, it makes discovering a specific location feel like a breeze.

Going to order some tasty snacks? No worries, just open this app and get that sorted.  Also, you may save your favourite locations and look them up later.

To make matters even simpler, Postcodes UK can be synced to your Apple Watch or another Apple device. Want to meet-up with a friend or pick up a date from the other end of the city? Find your way around the city with Postcodes UK: quick, simple and hassle-free!

Apple Watch App

Postcodes UK was specifically developed to work with the Apple Watch, allowing you to access your favourite locations or do a quick postcode search on-the-go. All you need to do is sync your Apple Watch with the app and enable Wi-Fi connectivity. Get your postcode on your wrist anytime you need it.


We made this app using Swift and included targets for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and iMessage app. You can check your postcode directly from your watch without the need for an iPhone even, as the app runs as standalone one, so Wi-Fi connectivity is sufficient.

To showcase of monetization implementation we have added AdMob banners. Users can deactivate banners via one-off In-App Purchase. For remote configuration and push notification management, we use FireBase with relevant components. The backend was done in Node.js and it runs on Digital Ocean platform.

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