ebooks reader

Redesigning eBook reader app for the major UK brand

Challenges addressed:

  • succesful integration of Adobe DRM SDK and approval of Adobe
  • implementation of brand new simple and clear design
  • development of a common framework for communication and UI components

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Redesigning the ebooks app

Sandor has developed mobile applications for Sainsbury’s online entertainment products, while working a senior developer with Sainsbury’s Entertainment on Demand. These apps consisted of eBooks reader, Magazines reader and Music player. Sandor took part in re-designing the app from scratch. Development of this app involved integration of Adobe DRM SDK with a C++ wrapper. Also as a part of Sainsbury’s team Sandor has continiued to develop cross-platform communication stack in C++.

That was a challenging and exciting project at the same time, due to the acquisition of UK branch of Nook and Sainsbury’s gaining quite a significant ebooks market exposure.

eBooks app had versions for both iPhone and iPad.

Why can’t I see this app on the AppStore?

This is a legacy app. Sainsbury’s had shut down its Entertainment operations. All entertainments apps are no longer available online or supported. Media link.

Following a commercial review we have taken the strategic decision to close the Sainsbury’s Entertainment service. We know many customers valued this service and we regret to disappoint them. We’re now contacting these customers to let them know what options are available to them, including e-book customers who can migrate their libraries across to a new platform.