London is a bustling metropolis struggling to cope with its traffic congestion. Needless to say, as the daily congestion charge is £11.50 for each non-exempt vehicle that travels within the zone, with a penalty of up to £195 levied for non-payment, everyone is looking for a way to avoid a Penalty Charge Notice and save on this expense.

New London Congestion Charge for Londoners

Many businesses operate in the heart of the city and have to pay the charge.

London Congestion Charge App allows for hassle-free and easy on-the-go congestion zone travel and charge tracking and management.

The app tracks user’s location via the GPS, so there is absolutely no need to carry a notebook with you or manually fill in locations and times. When you’re out of the zone – the app will show the distance to the closest entry to the zone.

Easy to Operate

Just open the app and find out whether you are inside the zone or not. The green notification area in the bottom of the screen means you’re out of the zone, whereas the red one – when you’re in. There’s also yellow state which means you are heading toward the zone. You’ll get a push notification each time you cross the Zone’s border – both on entry and exit.

Once located within a zone, users can track all their past entries in the journey diary and find charge listings inside, all collated by date. If you cross the Zone at least once, you’ll see a diary indicator. The app is aware of Congestion Charge Zone scheduling and tracks charges accordingly.

This app is the easiest and most comfortable way to track your London Congestion Charges.