Our development manager and lead developer Tibor shares with us CoreKit – the ultimate boilerplate for app developers:


What’s this? A universal open source library to build apps for Apple platforms more easily. It contains CollectionView based UI building classes, a networking layer, some Swift and UIKit extensions and much more. CoreKit has new UI building pattern.

CVMC pattern

Collection View Model Controller design pattern descending from the MVVM pattern. The only difference is that instead of the huge view controller CoreKit is using a UICollectionView to display data. This way the UICollectionViewDataSource protocol implementation is outside of UIViewController. It’s in a separate data source file. This data source is generic and extendable, so we can reuse all the datasources elsewhere. CoreKit uses UICollectionReusableView (cells) classes as views. Thus all the view components are instantly reusable and memory friendly. We can use different layout subclasses to display my data, and CoreKit has a grid system to simplify the UI implementation. This solution supports form elements and autorotation. CoreKit loads data with NSOperations.