As a start-up Bounce Minicab app tried to compete with likes of Uber in London by providing friendly and reliable service. Key features included a marketplace-like selection of drivers, where a passenger could choose a particular driver and a car on its taxi apps. Similarly, users knew the price prior to booking as well. Our director was working on both passenger and driver’s apps, took active part in re-design of the UX.

Bounce App Rediscovered

In 2017 Bounce has got second chance on the lovely island of Malta. Our team gave all three taxi apps fresh coat of paint and some bug-fixing and feature development. Essentially, we adjusted the apps for Malta (e.g. currency and measurement settings, address search logic, legacy code bug-fixing). Moreover, we have done quite a bit of feature development and support.

Challenges faced with taxi apps

What is of particular interest about these taxi apps is that our team has managed to overcome the challenges of live navigation on legacy android devices without magnetometers.
In essence, we’ve solved the heading information issue that there was no compass available on Motorla E devices (used by all drivers of the client). Also, the app didn’t know which way the driver was moving.